The memon effect: Cell Regeneration

Regeneration of human connective tissue cells

Without exposure to high-frequency radiation, human connective tissue cells quickly regenerate and repopulate the space formed by a cross-shaped cut; thereby healing the wound more quickly.

Cell regeneration during exposure to high-frequency radiation (mobile phone radiation). Without the protection from memon, cell vitality is weak and the cells are unable to repopulate the damaged space.

With the use of the memonizerMOBILE, the athermal effects of high-frequency radiation has been almost completely compensated and the cells resemble those of the untreated control group.

The memon technology demonstrably protects the ability of human connective tissue cells to regenerate while exposed to the effects of high-frequency radiation (electrosmog).1

Source: 1 memonizerMOBILE and its successful compensation of mobile phone radiation, Dartsch Scientific Institute for cell biological test systems, 2018