The memonizerEARPHONE is designed for use with the Apple AirPods (In-Ear-earphones, wireless headset) and is available in silver.

Areas of application

The AirPods are permanently connected to your cell phone (smartphone) through wireless connectivity. The memonizerEARPHONE protects you from the negative effects. Please always use the memonizer on both sides.

Positive effect on

  • Electromagnetic radiation
  • Envionmental stress
  • Bluetooth

The memonizerEARPHONE is transferable and can continue to be used with new AirPods.

Easy to use

The memonizerEARPHONE are suitable for permanent use with Apple AirPods and are attached directly to the headset stems.

Included in delivery

2 pieces memonizerEARPHONE in transport packaging