memonizerBODY DIAMOND classic silver whitestone

memonizerBODY DIAMOND classic silver whitestone


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The memonizerBODY classic silver whitestone is available in four sizes and can be adjusted as required thanks to the stainless steel clasp.

The memonizerBODY classic silver whitestone operates without magnetic or electronic components.

  • Size M – standard size: Circumference 16.5 – 17.5 cm
  • Size L – standard size: Circumference 20 – 21 cm
  • Size XL – extra size: Circumference 26 – 27 cm (only available in grey)

Also available in child size (14,5 cm) with a small steel clasp: memonizerBODY classic silver kids.

Please note: Strap colour images may differ from original product

Areas of application

When travelling by bus, train or plane

Positive effects on

  • Electromagnetic radiation
  • Environmental stress

Easy to use

The memonizerBODY silver whitestone is suitable for use outside your memon-equipped home and can be worn on your body, for example on the wrist like an armband. The various models of the memonizerBODY differ only in appearance and design; all variations offer the same positive benefits for the wearer.

Note: No product that is worn on the body is capable of replacing a memon-harmonised room. There is a significant difference between supporting your body and preventing negative influences reaching your body at all, as is the case with a completely memon-harmonised room.

Note: The memonizerBODY does NOT replace the memonizerCOMBI.

Included in delivery

memonizerBODY classic silver whitestone in transport packaging.

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Strap Colour

Anthracite, Blue, Brown, Green, Grey, Lilac, Red, White