Water Pollution

Our body is made up of over two thirds water. We use up and lose water naturally throughout the day, and increasingly as a result of exercise and exertion. It is important that this water is replaced regularly throughout each day.

Water plays a key role in helping to ensure overall cell vitality, ultimately supporting the absorption of required vitamins and minerals. It is more important than ever that the water we consume is free from pathogenic information, electrosmog and other contaminants.

Memon renatured and rebalanced drinking water makes drinking water a pleasure once again, helping to replenish your energy levels and ensuring you continue to feel refreshed.

Memon technology harmonises the water, returning it to its natural order and structure.

Water is an information carrier

Water impacted by electrosmog and its associated pollutants will carry that negative information as part of its structure, ultimately consumed by you.

Water that contains pollutants or has been affected by electrosmog must be cleaned, decontaminated and harmonised to promote your personal sense of wellbeing and vitality.

Memon renatures tap water into refreshing drinking water. It returns the water to its natural order and structure.

Memon is already an integral building block for a healthy, harmonised life for an increasing number of people around the world.

Memon water is popular with both humans and animals. With the memonizerwater, water becomes noticeable softer. This effect is replicated in homes, offices, hotels, hospitals and many other places. There is no work required to install to the water supply system. Simply attached it and enjoy the resultant water.

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