Electrosmog – extreme pollution in electric cars

Technological advancement in the automobile industry is unstoppable. The benefits are not in question, with the increase in Electric car production supporting a reduction in associated damage to the environment, and the protection of scarce resources.

But the price for this unknowingly puts the driver and their passengers in an electrosmog radiation  trap. In an average modern mid sized car, there are anywhere between 4,000 ad 8,000 metres of cables, up to 60 microprocessors, and countless motors and transmitters built in. Your navigation system acquires its position using GPS, radio and telephone.

The situation in hybrid and electric cars is even more alarming as the driver usually sits directly over the battery, right in the middle of an electromagnetic field. A test conducted by an electric car manufacturer showed as early as 2011 that memon technology can neutralise the negative influences in electric vehicles.

As well as clouding your personal, subjective enjoyment of driving over long distances, and possibly impairing your sense of wellbeing, there is a further risk; the driver’s ability to concentrate can be dramatically reduced as a direct result of the electrosmog.

The answer to the risks presented by modern engineering is not to walk away from it, but to find a solution that reduces the negative impacts on you, whilst still benefitting from the use of a pioneering technology.

Memon technology brings together both  nature and engineering. It is the  most practical and effective way to protect yourself from the negative effects of electrosmog in the car.

This applies to all cars, electric cars, buses, lorries and other forms of large commercial transport. Memon offers effective protection for every vehicle.

Drive with protection – arrive safe and sound – with memon!

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