Electrosmog includes all electrical, magnetic, and electromagnetic fields. These fields are generated by laptops, tablets, mobile phones, wireless internet hubs and many more in house and external sources. These items that keep us in permanent touch with the world are our constant companions.

We like to surf wireless-free on the internet, want to have reception everywhere and be reachable at all times.

With all this comfort it is easy to forget that it can also have negative effects.

Personal responsibility

In the old days, people used to go home to watch TV and would speak with friends and family via limited landline use. Today we can watch media highlights, watch TV, communicate with friends and family, listen to music, surf the internet and have news highlights constantly pushed, often, to a single device that we hold onto permanently throughout the day.

Everyone wants to have perfect high-speed, high-quality data transfer rates wherever they go.

It’s obvious that the mobile end devices, and radio masts as well, have to perform at an even higher level than the first-generation mobile phones. And even those were not harmless.

But in the home, too, we do not want to do without high speed internet and WiFi.

Home and security technology is also increasingly radio-controlled via mobile apps. Now radio-controlled consumption reading devices for electricity and water (smart meters) are being introduced and even smoke alarms “communicate” by high-frequency. We are surrounded by negative frequencies that are bodies are not designed to cope with.

You can help to protect yourself and your loved ones from the negative effects of continually increasing environmental pollution such as electrosmog and fine particulate matter. Memon’s innovative technology provides solutions.

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