The positive effect of Memon

Memon technology and the principle of action

From our viewpoint, it is essential that we protect ourselves against negative environmental influences in order to fully benefit from using modern technology, whilst maintaining our health and well-being.

The work of Memon is based on the insights gained from nearly two decades of experience, intensive research and subsequent developments. The Memon technology provides a solution that offers comprehensive protection in our immediate environment.

  • Memonizers neutralise the negative and weakening effects caused by electrosmog, alleviating cell stress and supporting an improvement in the quality of life.
  • Memonizers protect against the negative impacts of geopathic fields of interference, such as underground water veins. This helps to support better rest and regeneration.
  • Memonizers restructure tap water back to its natural state, ultimately improving the water quality. The resultant water cleanses, purifies and supports vitality.
  • Memonizers improve and optimise indoor environments by reducing fine particulate matter in the air. It is this particulate matter (or fine dust) that can penetrate deep into the lungs. The improved indoor climate means less contamination in the air.
  • Memonizers have been developed and designed for use in the most important areas of our lives, including the home, the office, in the car and whilst out travelling.

Ultimately, the Memon technology is able to modulate natural frequencies onto electromagnetic fields, amongst other things, harmonising the pathogenic information based on the principle of resonance.

The natural light spectrum—the foundation of all life.

The visible light spectrum is only a small part of the entire frequency spectrum. Life has only been able to evolve and sustain itself on our planet because of this part of the spectrum. Frequencies outside of this spectrum can have a negative influence on our daily lives and our organic functions. This applies to all forms of radiation, including radio waves, microwaves, radar as well as nuclear rays and X-ray radiation.

The Memon technology encompasses the spectrum of natural sunlight, focusing on the frequency of 750nm (dextrorotatory range). This produces a natural state in our everyday environment that helps to explain the vitalising and renatured effect of the memon technology.

Highlighted below, the dextrorotatory range begins in the centre of the light spectrum, starting in the green range and extending to the right up to 780nm. Nature dictates that dextrorotatory energy is dominant, representing positive movement, activity and regeneration.

The memon technology utilises the energetic1 effective range of natural sunlight. This creates a natural setting in our everyday environment and explains the various revitalising and regenerative effects of the memon technology.


  1. Only indirectly detectable with technical measuring instruments.

Destructive interference. A physical principle of nature.

For a body to remain healthy it is important that cell function is not impaired. If cells are disrupted by pathogenic information, they send out the wrong signals. Under this type of influence cell function can be impaired and, in some cases, even destroyed completely. If biological control systems are in equilibrium, or balanced, then cell function is protected and maintained.

The memon technology is able to neutralise all pathogenic or potentially illness causing influences from electromagnetic fields.

As indicated in the model below this is based on the natural principle of destructive interference. This occurs when two waves of the same wave length, frequency, cycle or phase and amplitude collide and oscillate 180 degrees relative to each other. The principle is used in the cockpit of a plane and noise cancelling headphones, for example, where the pilot can neutralise interfering soundwaves so they can communicate properly, or an individual can listen to music without back-ground noise.

This graphical representation model is used by memon to demonstrate the basic concept of the energetic harmonisation process.