We at EMF TECH LIMITED aim to reduce the amount of negative radiation individuals are exposed to by providing proven products to neutralise the negative fields.

Man-made radiation exposure from sources like mobile phones, 5G, phone masts, power cables, Wi-Fi routers, wireless technology, computers, etc. can have a negative effect on the body.

What is normally included in a EMF TECH home radiation assessment?

Every house reveals different issues and encourages a creative approach. An EMF TECH assessment would normally include the following but this may be expanded upon.

  • Measurement of low frequency electromagnetic fields from power cables and wiring
  • Measurement of low frequency electric field exposure — we find this to be an issue in 90 to 95% of homes when we ask the person to lie on their bed and we measure their body for exposure
  • Measurement of high-frequency radiation exposure, also while lying on the bed
  • Assessment of daytime areas and showing you sources of radiation
  • We give you some pointers on how to reduce radiation exposure in a home or office if you have one
  • Your consultant will gladly tell you about the products suitable for your situation and how to use them correctly to help combat the unrelenting assault of electronic pollution
  • During the assessment your consultant will fill out a report and this will be left with you for future reference.
  • Research and exposure limits can be found in the BioInitiative Report (2012) and finds governmental limits unacceptably high.  ( https://bioinitiative.org)

Contact one of consultants today to have your home investigated.

Price for a home assessment starts at £200 depending on the size of the property