Protect you and your loved ones from the negative effects of mobile phone radiation, 5G, electro-smog, fine dust particles, water pollutants and geopathic fault zones

Memon technology is fully supported by independent scientific testing, and is already helping thousands of individuals, businesses and national sports teams around the world.

It is the firm belief of memon that the every day hazards mentioned above e.g. electrosmog, currently recognised by a small portion of conventional science, are harmful to our health. As with quantum physics, Memon concludes that information is an essential building block of life, and that we are surrounded by fields of information. These artificial electromagnetic fields can change the quality of information our bodies experience, resulting in pathogenic information that can cause various illnesses. Memon are able to demonstrate, through testing, the impact that these artificial frequencies are having on our blood circulation and cell vitality.

The human skull continues to form and develop through to early adult-hood, and as a result Children are considered to be significantly more at risk to regular and repetitive exposure to the various forms of electrosmog. As the picture below highlights, the brain of a child absorbs twice as much radiation as that of an adult due to their skull not being fully developed, making them more vulnerable to electromagnetic fields (EMF).

Effect of mobile phone radiation on the Human Brain.

This image illustrates the levels of radiation absorption into the brain at key ages.

EMF Tech Limited are not only a proud partner of Memon Bionic Instruments, but also the exclusive distributor in the United Kingdom.

It is our aim to support Memon by increasing knowledge, awareness and understanding of the hidden issues relating to artificial radiation, and the negative effects on our health. As importantly, it is our aim to show you that there is a solution that enables you to embrace advances in technology, whilst reducing the associated risks and potential resulting health implications.

Memon products, manufactured in Germany, are the result off continuous research spanning in excess of 20 years. Scientifically proven, Memon products not only neutralise the negative effect of radiation from mobile phones, iPads, laptops and wifi routers in your home, office and schools, but also provide solutions to protect you whilst travelling from the negative effects of phone masts, in car entertainment and the many other forms of electrosmog we experience on our travels.

Electrosmog and wireless radiation can have a profound negative effect on biological organisms.

Alongside this, the electronic circuitry in our homes and offices are creating a continuous magnetic field, resulting from the current passing through the wires. This is further amplified by the many modern day internal sources of wireless radiation in our homes.

This electromagnetic field causes a redistribution of ions which negatively affects the development of fine particulate matter as well as the natural cell metabolism in humans. Memon products are able to improve indoor climates, reducing fine particulate matter in the air ultimately resulting in less contamination.

The memon technology is able to modulate natural frequencies onto this electromagnetic field (among other things by using silicon as storage medium in the memonizers) thereby neutralising the pathogenic information based on the principle of resonance.

Research studies show the link between Electromagnetic fields (EMF) with many common health issues, that people may be experiencing.

Sources: Electromagnetic fields (EMF):

  • Mobile phone radiation
  • All mobile phone generations, including the latest 5G technology
  • Mobile phone masts
  • Wifi routers
  • Cordless home telephones
  • Electric fields from cables
  • Magnetic fields from our modern devices
  • Electric cars

Memon neutralises:

  • Mobile phone radiation
  • All mobile phone generations, including the latest 5G
  • Electrosmog
  • Geopathic zones

Memon improves:

  • Drinking water
  • Air quality
  • Indoor climate
  • Blood circulation
  • Cell vitality

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